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Game Update #8

Posted by on Apr 11, 2014 | No Comments
Game Update #8

It has been a while since this blog has been updated and we are very sorry about that. Some of you might have heard but I was deployed (I am in the US Navy) for a few months and while gone had less than desirable internet. Although not much has been done to this blog […]

Game Update #7

Posted by on Sep 26, 2013 | No Comments
Game Update #7

As of right now the main focus has been preparation for the Intro Trailer. Having something that catches your audience and keeps them wanting more is crucial for an Indie games early success. On a more personal note I want to push something out there that really speaks to the core elements of the game […]

Game Update #6

Posted by on Sep 17, 2013 | No Comments
Game Update #6

It has been a busy two weeks. Most of last week was spent on getting character/model shadows working; as well as God rays for alpha based objects. What does that mean? You can see that this means alpha based textures ( leaves, cloth, and countless other objects ) will work with godrays. This also includes […]

Game Update #5

Posted by on Aug 17, 2013 | No Comments
Game Update #5

I know you are saying, “Why is this 5 when the last update here was only 2?” and the short answer is, we get busy! I am currently posting this stuff to four different sites and none of them use the same setup. Anyway, I can assure you the closer to kickstarter we get the […]

Game Update #2

Posted by on Jun 16, 2013 | No Comments
Game Update #2

This week has been a busy one. We have been working feverishly to get the terrain generation, destruction, and modification working. During this process we found “garbage collection” ( stuff that is a waste ) in the excess of 12gb. This excessive waste created massive lag on the client and once removed provided a much […]

Game Update #1

Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 | No Comments
Game Update #1

We will start to update the game and information here weekly! This week we will be showing off the new terrain as well as the character work going into the Gorgane. The desired effect is to create a nice “smoothlike” terrain top. Building blocks will still be block based but the world itself will be […]

Point Lights + Concept Work

Posted by on Mar 31, 2013 | No Comments

This week we have some more concept art provided to you by our concept artist. He is working to finish this by the end of the week so we should have a solid idea of what the source stone and its placement within the world will be like. In other news, Telanor has been working […]

Steam Greenlight ( Concept )

Posted by on Mar 8, 2013 | No Comments

We have released our project on Steam Greenlight ( Concept ). This is an easy way for us to get the word out about our game and gain some traction by getting a solid community base. If you have friends, family, or just people you hang with online please pass them the link posted below […]

New models + Volumetric Clouds

Posted by on Feb 19, 2013 | No Comments

This week we have been working hard to get some models in place for testing with the game. You can view those here: We will be adding more as the week continues. It is our hope that we should have all of the basic elements in place by the end of this month or early […]

Dwarven Concept Art

Posted by on Feb 9, 2013 | No Comments

  I have recently started contracting out the concept work because I still do not have a drawpad. This is the most recent work fro our dwarven friends in our game. Let me know what you think as I am very eager to start working with the artist further and get some of the other […]